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Energy saving for private clients

Save energy and money with energy consulting!

Going green has never been easier. Reduce your energy consumption by upgrading old and inefficient appliances and smartly modernizing your home. By working with me, I’ll also help you saving money and getting the most out of public subsidies for energy improvements.

First steps
In a first phone call, we will cover some basic questions regarding your preferences, building situations and set up a follow-up appointment.

Information about the current state of your building is very important. Therefore it would be great, if you provide the following data:

  • Energy billing procedure
  • Construction drawing
  • Empirical values etc.
Collection of data and weak-point analysis
ThermographyU-valueHeatingWater heatingVentilation
Thermography Thermal pictures visualize heat losses. The thermal picture shows the internal horizontally running heating pipes resulting from an insufficiently dammed outer wall, which means a loss of heat. Furthermore there are heat ridges below the windows (radiator niches).

The high loss of heat through the windows (due to an old window frame, toughened safety glazing) is especially noticeable. For reducing the heat loss insulation and modernization of the windows would be indispensable.

U-Wert (Kellerdecke)Regarding insulation it is important that building materials lose as little heat as possible from indoors to the cold outdoors. No or very little cold should enter indoors as well.

The U-value (heat transmission coefficient) is an important parameter to decide on the right building material and an energy-efficient building.

ÖlkesselAn old inefficient low-temperature boiler and an oversized circulation pump (see figure) lead to an increase in the cost of fuel. Investment in modern condensing boiler technology would save money and contribute positively to the environment.

Warmwassserkessel The choice of the “right” hot water tank requires accurate checking of the current storage dimensions and heat performance.

LüfterPolluted ventilation leads to inefficient heat exchange and a stronger strain on heating systems. Cleaning or reinstallation of a lower-maintenance and energy-efficient ventilation system would correct this.

Receive your personal consulting report
BeratungsberichtAfter capturing and analyzing the required data I will draw up a consulting report showing you the best ways of saving energy. In the report I also will show you different economically feasible ways of increasing energy efficiency and saving money. Furthermore, I evaluate the use of renewable energy as well as saving money by using government aid. The consulting report will be your guide to the best energy saving for your own individual situation.
Take advantage of public subsidies
BAFA FörderungTake advantage of BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export control)-sponsored energy consulting and save up to
  • max. 800 euro for one-family houses
  • max. 1.100 euro for multi-family houses

Your own contribution: 400 to 600 euro

Use the benefits of the energy consulting!

Energy performance certificate

The energy performance certificate gives a clear overview of the energy efficiency of your building. This allows you to compare the energy usage and energy efficiency with other buildings.

Since May 2014 buyers and tenants of real estate are required to get a copy of the energy performance certificate (Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV) 2014).

Differences between energy certificates

1. Energy performance certificate based on need

EnergiebedarfsausweisThe energy performance certificate based on need is obligatory for buildings, which have less than five dwellings and for which the building application has been filed before the 01.11.1977 (see § 17 (2) Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV) 2009). The energy performance certificate based on need is related to the energy quality of the building elements and the installation engineering.

2. Energy performance certificate based on consumption

EnergieverbrauchsausweisFor buildings with more than four apartments you can choose between the energy performance certificate based on need or consumption. The energy performance certificate based on consumption is determined by the average energy consumption of the last three years.

Generally the energy performance certificate based on need is the more complex and significant variant. Energy performance certificates are valid for ten years.

Benefits for sellers / landlords
  • Better orientation in terms of energy consumption
  • Better energy comparability and market-driven estimation of real estates
  • Bargaining power in terms of the purchasing- and rental pricing
  • Clearness and conformity between the leaser, buyer and tenant
  • Increased attractiveness of the real estate
Obtain your energy performance certificate now!

Construction supervision

Do you want to reliably increase your building´s energy efficiency? As an authorized energy expert and construction supervisor I am capable of judging the quality of the manual work in regard to energy efficiency and to quickly intervene if needed. Laxness and mistakes can be very expensive later on when you do not save as much energy as you may have originally planned.

The federal KfW bank financially supports your construction supervision
The KfW (Reconstruction Loan Corporation) is also investing in quality and giving subsidies up to 50 % (maximum 4.000 euro) of the cost for construction supervision.

Find out more: KfW Program 431 (PDF)

Avoid costly construction mistakes with a construction supervisor!