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Energy audit

Until 05/12/2015 and in four-year cycles all companies, which do not belong to the group of SME, have to get audited in EN 16247-1. As an auditor I will evaluate your energy data and identify possible savings as a prerequisite for receiving a EN 16247-1 certification. Currently you have the opportunity to save 80 percent BAFA-subsidies for my consulting services up to 6.000 Euro.

The exact amount depends on the annual energy costs in your company:

a) Annual energy costs lower than 10.000 Euro (net): Subsidy max. 1.200 Euro

b) Annual energy costs more than 10.000 Euro (net): Subsidy max. 6.000 Euro

How it works

  • Receive up-to-date information on EN 16247-1
  • I evaluate and benchmark the required energy data as provided by your company
  • I analyse all results for energy efficiency
  • I compile a short report and – if all goals are reached – confirm the compliance with EN 16247-1

Your benefits

  • Energy saving
  • Less personal and financial effort (compared to ISO 50001)
  • For SME: Tax benefits (Energy- and electricity tax)
  • 80 percent BAFA-subsidy on consultancy fees

EN 16247-1: Contents of norm and statutory provisions

EN 16247-1 defines general requirements, methods and results relevant for each energy audit. An energy audit includes an analysis of your energy consumption as well as a potential analysis. An EN 16247-1 audit is the path to a holistic energy management system such as ISO 50001.