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Energy consulting for SME

Energy efficiency is too important to do it half-heartedly. With my energy consulting services you can fully focus on your business while I take care of your energy management. BAFA subsidy: SME can be subsidized by BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export control) for the cost of energy consulting. The support level depends on the net floor area of your building:

a) < 200 m²: max. 1.700 Euro

b) 200 m² – 500 m²: max. 5.000 Euro

c) > 500 m²: max. 8.000 Euro

As an authorized BAFA consultant I would like to inform you about the full range of getting subsidized.

How it works

  • First we are clarifying, which informations and requirements are crucial in terms of drafting an action plan.
  • Secondly I will visit the working areas by identifying and inspecting the main energy users (cross-sectional technologies).
  • As a result you will get an analysis and evaluation of possible energy savings including proposals for energy efficiency measures.
  • The final report will give you comprehensive and detailed guideline how to reduce the energy and cost in your company.

Your benefits

  • Quick, reliable and low-cost energy efficiency analysis for your company
  • Uncovering of energy savings in your company
  • Increase of energy efficiency and saving of costs
  • Increase of competitiveness
  • 80 percent BAFA-subsidy on consultancy fees

Starting points for energy savings


Through retrofitting with energy-efficient lamps, reflectors and the use of the daylight it´s possible to achieve high energy savings in less than one year.


Heating is necessary for buildings and operational processes. With heat efficiency analyses you can identify and reduce load peaks and increase the efficiency of the business process.


In cold storage houses, chillers and cold insulation have the greatest impact on the total energy balance. By using highly efficient chillers and insulators specially designed for cold storage you can save a lot of energy.

Ventilation and air conditioning

From ventilation with energy recovery, dehumidification of indoor swimming pools to air conditioning improving the air quality – I provide discreet and efficient support as your partner and expert in ventilation and air conditioning.

Compressed air

On average seven percent of the electricity in the industry is used for compressed air; some industries are using even up to 70 percent. Through comprehensive analysis of your compressed air system you can save up to 30 percent of your electricity.